Illegally Parked Cars Towing Fresno

Bulldog Towing & Transport has assisted Fresno area commercial and residential property owners and managers in resolving persistent parking issues for years. Their professional and proactive approach to understanding the specific needs and requirements for each individual lot ensures the best possible outcome for you and your tenants. Call 559-486-7038 to learn how they can help you too.

Bulldog Towing & Transport provides property owners, property managers and maintenance managers with tow aways and professional and reliable Fresno impounding towing services, tow aways and private property towing for years. Illegally parked vehicles take a toll on managers, tenants and guests and disrupt the intended capacity and flow of parking areas. Bulldog's goal is to minimize tension between the involved parties while ensuring guest and tenants have adequate parking. When performed correctly, private property towing and enforcement can yield results and make happy tenants, their customers and their guests by providing access to convenient, predictable parking.

Salvage & Junk Car Removal

impound towing Fresno

In an effort to help you with abandoned vehicles, we will gladly haul away any salvage or junk vehicle for a minimal prearranged fee. If we think a car has enough value to pay for or cost of towing and processing, we will not charge you anything. Most Junk cars have little to no salvage value so we must charge a fee to remove them from private property. We work hard to keep this rate as low as possible so please call the office to get pricing details and arrange for service. Having a picture ready to send us helps expedite the process. We do not need pink slips or title to remove vehicles, just the property manager or owner’s consent. We handle all of the DMV required paperwork.

Compliant With All Revised Vehicle Code

Bulldog Towing & Transport maintains compliance with all revised towing and impound laws ensuring you are never at fault for an illegally parked car towing service. Their comprehensive approach to illegally parked cars in Fresno minimizes the need for time-starved property manages to engage in parking issues and mitigate conflict resolution. Bulldog can help you effectively communicate to parkers and tenants, warn violators and enforce your parking rights and responsibilities.

Bulldog Towing & Transport provides complete private property towing and impound towing services to shopping centers, office buildings, high schools, colleges, residential complexes and municipalities. Call 559-486-7038 to learn how they can help you too.

As your tow aways and private property towing partner, Bulldog Towing & Transport will provide you with information to maintain legal compliance and strengthen the communication stream with residents and tenants. Bulldog Towing & Transport is the professional partner for Fresno Property Towing. Contact them now at 559-486-7038.